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We simplify your global procurement with an end-to-end fulfillment solution. From sourcing to delivery, we guarantee the safe and reliable arrival of quality products.


From Inspection to Insight

1. Importer

Understanding your unique quality needs is our priority. We specialize in tailored commodity assessments, providing comprehensive quality reports to match your specifications. Our team manages contracts with meticulous attention to detail, protecting your interests every step of the way.

2. Exporter

We safeguard your export operations. From contract negotiation to in-depth background checks, our proactive approach minimizes risks and protects your interests.

2. Exporter

We safeguard your export operations. From contract negotiation to in-depth background checks, our proactive approach minimizes risks and protects your interests.

3. Mill or Farm

Your quality guarantee begins with us. We provide thorough first-round quality inspections and detailed analysis reports. Our loading and stuffing oversight ensures secure transport to CFS facilities.

4. CFS

We provide a second layer of quality assurance at the CFS. Our meticulous inspections and seamless loading/stuffing processes guarantee your cargo is ready for export.

4. CFS

We provide a second layer of quality assurance at the CFS. Our meticulous inspections and seamless loading/stuffing processes guarantee your cargo is ready for export.

5. Domestic Trade

Quality control and transparent communication throughout your import journey. We inspect cargo on arrival and ensure contract completion, providing you with peace of mind.

Meet The Co-Founders

Vinay H

Founder & CEO

Vinay H, the visionary founder of Cargofirst, began his entrepreneurial journey in 2019 with a diverse portfolio of startups in the agriculture sector, specifically focusing on quality inspection. Holding a B.Sc in Physical Sciences, & Masters in Chemistry 

Vinay has consistently applied his academic insights to drive practical innovations in the agri-commodities field. His extensive experience gives him a deep understanding of quality parameters and standards such as FSSAI

Under his leadership, Cargofirst has revolutionized the agri sector’s supply chain by providing a robust platform that ensures transparency and quality assurance. Vinay’s keen focus on proptech and marketing data analysis has been instrumental in developing this unique ecosystem, which offers importers and exporters real-time insights into the quality, quantity, and location of their shipments. His journey from quality management to leading a groundbreaking startup reflects his deep commitment to enhancing global trade efficiency and building trust among trade partners.

With over six years of experience as a founding member of two other agri-tech and export import startups, Vinay has a strong background in sales, operations and business development, particularly in exports imports and domestic. This experience has given him a detailed understanding of the global market. Vinay has excelled in building Cargofirst from scratch, heading sales, and fostering strong client relationships. His personal commitment to providing the best quality and empowering farmers in the global economy drives his work. Vinay’s ability to blend scientific knowledge with entrepreneurial judgement has set Cargofirst on a path of continuous growth and innovation.

Rohit Salveru is a skilled and motivated professional with a strong background in finance, Marketing and Strategy. He has 7 years of experience in managing finances strategically, budgeting, analysing financial data, developing businesses, marketing, and handling operations. His career journey has helped him build a wide range of skills that go beyond finance, making him capable in many important areas needed to grow a successful business.

As a founding team member, Rohit has played a crucial role in navigating complex financial situations, Business Strategy and how to position the product in the market. His expertise in business functions combined with knowledge in other areas, makes him a versatile and valuable asset.

Rohit’s experience and skills have been key in driving the success of this venture. His ability to handle various aspects of a business efficiently has contributed significantly to Cargofirst’s achievements till date. Whether it’s financial management, business development, marketing, or operations, Rohit brings excellence and dedication to every task, making him a dynamic professional capable of leading and scaling successful ventures.



Our Journey

Journey of Cargofirst started back in 2019 when we interacted with exporters importers traders millers and farmers. Understanding every minute problem of the trade and how to solve it. How can it be better and more efficient? We did trading, procuring and all the stages of this cycle to understand the problem statement.

Understanding the Challenge

2022 marked the start of our journey to solve this challenge. Now, with a network of trusted international partners, we’re taking our efforts global. We’re not stopping at rice – our mission is to revolutionize solutions for the entire agricultural sector, worldwide.


Meet Our Reliable Team

Our team combines deep industry knowledge with technical expertise, ensuring your trade operations are in the most capable hands. Our team is committed to ongoing learning and innovation, staying ahead of the curve in the evolving trade landscape

Harish Kumar


Ramya Hegde

Head of Legal Compliances and Accounts

Pradeepa G

Full Stack Developer

Meet our Advisory Board

Mr. Madhu G N

Mr. Madhu G N is a seasoned leader and innovator with over 25+ years of experience in technology, investment, and business strategy. Known for his expertise in exponential growth and scaling businesses, he has held various key roles such as CEO, CIO, and CSO, earning recognition for his strategic foresight. Notable achievements include his role as an angel investor, supporting startups to achieve rapid growth and profitability, and as Director of Growth & Investments, where he played a pivotal role in securing funding and positioning Garuda Aerospace as a market leader. Madhu co-founded Start-up Tales, a platform for emerging entrepreneurs, and developed tech applications for healthcare and service industries. Serving as Group CEO for a Middle Eastern holding company, he drove substantial growth through effective leadership. His educational background includes a B. Tech, MBA, and ILM certification, laying the foundation for his strong technical and business acumen. Additionally, Madhu holds an international patent in Reverse Osmosis (RO) water technology, showcasing his innovative contributions to the field.

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